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Mutual Aid and 800 MHz

The MEDCOM EMS communications plan for many states does not recognize 700-800 MHz trunked radio systems for acceptable MEDCOM mutual aid purposes.  This is because many of these trunked radio systems are proprietary technology that is not compatibile between all of the city county and state agencies in a given state.  Because of this situation a standard of traditional UHF FCC set aside frequencies that utilize a historically consistent technology called "conventional" form the state approved MEDCOM radio system.  The states encourages the use of conventional UHF MEDCOM channels so that outside responders from other cities counties or states may communicate to the hospitals and other EMS entities.  The state encourages the hospitals and EMS providers to have such capabilities by way of state statue which exists as their EMS Communications Plan (a bible of sorts for MEDCOM in the state).  

It is note worthy to mention that many cities and counties use 800 MHz technologies as a primary, this can be acceptable depending on how your state views this situation.  It is frequent that the state will mandate the more traditional UHF Conventional MEDCOM radio systems for mutual aid purposes.  This requires EMS and hospitals to have duplicate radio systems when 800 MHz radios are used as a primary MEDCOM resource.    

This site is new and being populated with information as time becomes available; if you have any questions that you would like to discuss with a MEDCOM radio communications professional, please feel free to call.  My name is Mark Lavallee and I am charged with keeping the MEDCOM Hospital Radio network up and running for 20+ hospitals in the united states.  My direct phone # is 954-961-2642 and there is no such thing as a charge for a telephone call with my firm.  I would be glad to speak with anyone in the United States or abroad about their MEDCOM questions or projects.

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