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MEDCOM System Consulting

MEDCOM radio systems vary in complexity from hospital to hospital.  Some users will have to incorporate multiple radio systems their emergency department such as; primary county 800 MHz trunked network, neighboring county 800 MHz trunked network, life flight / helicopter radio systems, and conventional UHF MEDCOM radio stations.  All of these MEDCOM radio stations can require coordination with network operators, possible FCC radio station licensing, coordination with the state regulating agencies and designing a reliable robust life safety MEDCOM radio system. These projects are what we do on a daily basis.  My company is experienced in managing MEDCOM radio projects.  We have designed, constructed and maintained many MEDCOM radio systems.  

If you have any projects or questions that you would like to discuss with a MEDCOM radio communications professional, please feel free to call.  My name is Mark Lavallee and I am charged with keeping the MEDCOM Hospital Radio network up and running for 20+ hospitals in the United States.  My direct phone # is 954-961-2642.  I would be glad to speak with anyone in the United States or abroad about their MEDCOM questions or projects.  

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