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Evaluation of MEDCOM Radio Stations

MEDCOM radio stations are life safety radio systems.  They must be built to a higher standard, due to their importance factors.  Designing the MEDCOM communications gear correctly the first time is very important.  Keeping in mind that when the weather turns to its worst is when the MEDCOM system needs to operate at its best.  For example, if a county is hit with a hurricane or tornado, often there will be citizens in need of emergency medical attention.  Hurricanes and tornados often wreak havoc on radio station's antenna systems, but this problem can be mitigated by designing the radio stations that make up the MEDCOM system with 150 MPH or even 200 MPH plus wind survivability.  Lightning protection is a science and many surges can be safely brought to ground with out radio system outages and damage.  Back up radio resources and power systems are used to mitigate communications outages as well.  

It is not uncommon to see hospitals that do not have proper life safety MEDCOM radio systems.  It is a good idea to evaluate periodically the resiliency,  capability and quality of your hospital's MEDCOM radio system.  Often there are rules dictating the design of, and quality of the MEDCOM radio stations.      

This site is new and being populated with information as time becomes available; if you have any questions that you would like to discuss with a MEDCOM radio communications professional, please feel free to call.  My name is Mark Lavallee and I am charged with keeping the MEDCOM Hospital Radio network up and running for 20+ hospitals in the united states.  My direct phone # is 954-961-2642 and there is no such thing as a charge for a telephone call with my firm.  I would be glad to speak with anyone in the United States or abroad about their MEDCOM questions or projects.
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